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With the current pandemic, unscrupulous sellers have flooded the market with inferior and counterfeit coronavirus personal protective equipment (PPE) products to meet the burgeoning demand. They advertise products using fake trademarks, brand names and certification labels to try and convince customers they’re buying genuine, safe products.

To fight counterfeiting, Medic MatriX Protect has partnered with TrackMatriX - a smart product platform to fight counterfeiting and for PPE supply chain traceability. TrackMatriX allows brand owners, manufacturers, hospitals/clinics, and government health officials to mark products with different 'identifier formats', such as TrackMatriX Geo (standard QR code), TrackMatriX Lock (proprietary QR code - elevated security) and NFC tags.


Wholesale customers of Medic MatriX Protect, who meet certain MOQ, will have one-year FREE subscription to TrackMatriX Engage plan (worth $2300 USD). Here are the benefits:
  • Smart Product Track & Trace (GS1 Digital Link): TrackMatriX system can generate tracking datalinks to be applied at all purchases for anti-counterfeiting. With GS1 Digital Link, every product item can now be given a unique digital identity on the web to drive personalized direct-to-consumer experiences, supply chain traceability applications, and much more.
  • Add your own QR code / tracking. With the Engage subscription, you will be able to add to each package a unique tracking, which allows the medical PPEs to be tracked throughout the supply chain and grants end users the ability to verify the product’s origin and authenticity.
  • Customized landing pages. End users will be able to validate / authenticate the products with a simple QR scan. Engage your end-users with customized landing pages.

TrackMatriX Engage Plan Benefits

This subscription entitles clients to TrackMatrix codes for self-printing on labels and NFC tags. More benefits:
  • Multi-product tracking and multi-user access
  • TrackMatriX Lock - machine-readable secure QR codes / hyperlink with two unique identifiers or TrackMatriX UID: overt and covert
  • Additional reporting features include scan details
  • Enhanced customer support and onboarding

TrackMatriX Supports GS1 Digital Link

GS1 is the global standards organization responsible for the barcodes we see on products we use every day. The GS1 Datalink is a new standard, which has just been released in February 2020. The GS1 Digital Link is a digitally-enabled, globally-unique identifier resembling a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) or Web address. It leverages data carriers, including barcodes or QR codes, to enable solutions that help consumers connect directly to brand-authorized product information instantly via product packaging.

For supply chains, GS1 Digital Link can also provide important safety information regarding the transport or disposal of products as well as photographic evidence of a product’s chain of custody to help prove authenticity.

This is a new feature which the TrackMatriX platform can offer. Here are the benefits:
  • Datalink contains supplychain relevant data. When used in connection with TrackMatriX SaaS, only one QR code/NFC tag can be used in the supply chain (from factory to retail shop). No need to use another barcode
  • With Datalinks from TrackMatriX, companies can provide additional content to consumers and monitor engagement.
  • With GS1 compliant scanner, product information can be read offline.
  • More security: using the TrackMatriX Lock technology, GS1-compliant Datalink QR codes can come with a covert information making cloning of a Datalink impossible