About Us

About Us

The most monumental decisions are born in moments of crises. So, it was for Alfons Futterer and Jacqueline Gan, cofounders of NanoMatriX the company renowned for providing bespoke anti-counterfeit solutions.

The turning point for Alfons and Jacqueline was the death of two persons they knew, the former Philippine Consul General to Hong Kong and a well-known entrepreneur from Alfons’ hometown in Germany, spurred them to step up by taking matters into their own hands. Along with Jacqueline, he decided to tackle the problem of unscrupulous people infiltrating the PPE (personal protection equipment) supply chain illegally hoarding supplies meant for frontline healthcare workers or supplying substandard PPE products; thereby endangering the lives of frontline health workers.

Experience in Medical Supplies Trade

Alfons has extensive experience in the medical supplies trade and supply chain management. He thought he would leverage both this knowledge and his expertise in providing cutting-edge Track and Trace anti-counterfeit solutions to other industries and government bodies. He wanted to effectively fill in the gap in the PPE product supply chain and thereby protect the lives of those in the frontline of the battle against the pandemic.

Poor Quality Supply to Healthcare Professionals

From his sources and contacts in the medical supplies industry, Alfons learned of the rampant problem of poor medical supplies to healthcare professionals amidst the current pandemic. He grew increasingly worried about the safety of these brave men and women.

Research and Enquiries

Alfon’s research and enquiries led him to speak to many PPE equipment suppliers, most of whom were too busy augmenting the supplies to focus any attention towards improving the quality of the supply chain. He knew this wouldn’t do well for the healthcare professionals working day and night to flatten the casualty curve.

Inflection Point

To solve this dilemma, Alfons and Jacqueline decided to devise a system which would help grade and qualify suppliers of PPE products using their core competency and experience in providing anti-counterfeit solutions.

Their plan involved the implementation of a secure Track and Trace system that would provide frontline healthcare workers with the confidence that using Medic Matrix Protect brand would ensure compliance with the mandated safety standards prescribed for PPE products.

Alfons and Jacqueline are both well-aware of the fact that the pandemic is far from defeated globally. Substandard products in the supply chain need to be eliminated as they are jeopardizing people’s lives. By filling this security gap in the global medical supply chain, they hope to contribute in a substantial way to protect frontline workers amidst this pandemic.

Alfons Futterer

Jacqueline Gan