Face Masks

Our face masks ensure appropriate protection by meeting compliance standards whether for everyday use or for surgical (sterile) environments. Our face masks are fluid resistant and provide the wearer protection against droplet-spread infections, like influenza and other common respiratory infections.


We supply high-grade KN95 / N95 Respirators (Surgical and Protective) which are FDA & CE certified. Our surgical respirators (sterile) are suitable for medical professionals in high risk environments; while protective respirators (non-sterile) are suitable for use by the general public who want to have higher protection against different kinds of pathogens. N95 and KN95 Respirators when used correctly, prevent 95 percent of airborne particles from entering a person’s mouth or nose.

What’s so special about Medic Matrix Protect PPEs?

Medic MatriX Protect provides customers with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) compliant with mandated safety standards. Different countries have different standards for PPEs. Medic MatriX Protect provides PPEs with the highest standards to protect you from poor quality and sub-standard products.

Our products are secured with our smart product platform, TrackMatriX®. It allows brand owners, manufacturers, hospitals/clinics, and government health officials to mark products with different 'identifier formats', such as TrackMatriX® Geo (standard QR code), TrackMatriX® Lock (proprietary QR code - elevated security) and NFC tags.

  • Securely track & trace PPE.
  • Avoid purchase of counterfeits and sub-standard PPE products.
  • Deter unauthorized resale of hospital-grade assets in alternative sales channels.

TrackMatriX® helps consumers and brand owners do Track and Trace to eliminate counterfeiting, parallel trading, product fraud, etc.

Guaranteed Authentic

Our products are secured with TrackMatriX to guarantee authenticity.


We partner with world-class courier to deliver worldwide right to your doorsteps.

100% Secure Payment

We offer completely secure payment gateway through Paypal and through popular cards.

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